Welcome to Scherpschuttersvereniging Doel Treffend!

To help you get started on your shooting journey, there are many things to consider. For the most part, this information seems to consist of a number of unfriendly and strict rules. However, these rules are solely for the purpose of SAFE and RESPONSIBLE handling of weapons at this association. With all these rules, you should also remember that we are primarily concerned with YOUR safety.

Sports shooting is a sport that is suitable for everyone and for all ages. It's a sport for perfectionists who don't want to miss anything. An (Olympic) sport that has everything and that can be practiced from recreational to top sport level. A sport that is currently practiced in the Netherlands by approximately 42,000 shooters registered with the KNSA in the age category of approximately 9 to 90 years.

Shooting sport has a very large diversity of match types. These are practiced with various fire and air weapons, for which separate internal and external matches have been established. The firearms vary from very modern sport shooting weapons to very old front loaders from previous centuries.

SV Doel Treffend can offer the following weapon groups; Air Rifle, Air Pistol, Small Caliber Rifle, Large Caliber Rifle(*), Small Caliber Pistol, Large Caliber Pistol and Historical Weapons.

* Not in our own building