House rules

1. Handling Air and Firearms

  • Shooting with air and firearms is serious business and requires discipline. Proper handling of these weapons is important for your own safety and the safety of other members.

2. General rules

  • Always wear eye and hearing protection at the shooting range.

  • Always strictly follow the instructions of the match directors and/or range officer.

  • Watching the shooting is only allowed from the recreation or boardroom.

  • Weapons are never unpacked, carried or displayed in the recreation room.

  • Drinking alcohol before shooting is not allowed.

3. Safety

  • Never touch a weapon without the owner's explicit permission.

  • Always treat a weapon as if it were loaded.

  • Never, ever, aim at anyone, not even playfully.

  • The barrel of the weapon always points in a safe direction (bullet trap). The trigger finger is located along the trigger guard and not in the trigger guard when not pointing in a safe direction. When handling and/or handing over, check that the cartridge holder has been removed, there is no cartridge left in the chamber and the cartridges have been removed from the cartridge holder.

  • Putting down or putting away a weapon must be done with the bolt or slide open and the room flag in place (visible safety).

  • Cartridges and cartridge holder must be removed from the weapon for pistols and carbines during transport.

  • After unloading the weapon, relax the firing pin spring before storing the weapon.

  • Weapons and ammunition should be kept separate and away from children.

  • Know the range safety rules.

4. Safety regulations

  • You enter the shooting range entirely at your own risk.

  • Hearing protection is mandatory when entering the shooting range and shooting glasses are strongly recommended for small caliber and mandatory for large caliber.

  • The club pistols are issued at the registration counter and may not be exchanged without permission from the match directors and/or range officer.

  • Club rifles are on the rack and may be used on all rifle ranges.

  • The rifles and carbines should be returned to the rack after use with the bolt in the open position.

  • Own rifles and carbines are packed and unpacked at the designated place (at the firing point).

  • Guns are transported to and from the track with the bolt open and with the barrel up.

  • Pistols and revolvers are packed in a case or box and transported to and from the track, the use of holsters is not allowed.

  • It is prohibited to display and/or carry weapons in the recreation area.

  • It is prohibited to handle weapons in any way that could pose any danger to any person.

  • Directions from the match directors and/or range officer must be followed immediately and strictly.

'Discussion about this is not possible on the range'